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Elon Musk issues important “Black Mirror” statement to warn community

In a recent X post, Elon Musk, the world-famous centibillionaire who takes heightened interest in the latest technological developments, expressed his distrust in a new Microsoft (NASDAQ:) feature. The feature is called “Recall” and, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, it represents a semantic search of users’ entire history, which will help them find anything they have ever seen or done on their PCs. “Recall’s” principle is simple: Windows will be constantly taking screenshots of your computer screen, then it will use a generative AI model, along with the NPU, to process all that data and make it searchable. Despite the promising utility, Musk criticized the feature, comparing it to what an episode of the “Black Mirror” series might show, implying that the series’ dystopian scenario of technologies controlling humanity is getting closer to reality. “Definitely turning this ‘feature’ off,” wrote Musk, perhaps hinting that the data collected by “Recall” could potentially be easily accessed and used to control users’ actions.

Shibarium on verge of major record as transactions shoot up 209%

Along with the rest of the market, Shibarium, ‘s layer-2 solution, has recently been seeing the positive effects of a new uptrend. According to data provided by Shibariumscan, the daily transaction count surged from 6,000 on May 14 to 18,560 on May 20, representing more than 209% growth. For weeks, the number of daily transitions on Shibarium remained relatively flat, but things changed after the Shibarium hard fork was implemented on the mainnet. This was a turning point for the L2 protocol. With the transaction surge, Shibarium is now aiming to break the record of 420 million total transactions. Even though it remains unknown when exactly this will be accomplished, Shibarium has the right catalyst to help it drive its position to a new level overall. Currently, the total transaction count on Shibarium stands at 417,525,512, per Shibariumscan’s data.

Bullish statement issued by Samson Mow: “Omega coming”

Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, has finally made the long-awaited move toward revisiting its all-time high, climbing back to the $71,000 level – the highest price level since April 1, when BTC traded at $71,330. The likely catalysts for BTC’s sudden recovery were the positive CPI data, which showed a weakening inflation rate, as well as a whole week of inflows into Bitcoin ETFs. Such a positive change in the Bitcoin price could not go unnoticed by Jan3 CEO Samson Mow, a renowned BTC maximalist who once predicted that the aforementioned asset could reach as high as $1 million one day. Mow took to his X handle to comment on the BTC price surge, making yet another prediction; this time, it concerns the coming of an Omega Bitcoin candle soon. As previously explained by the CEO, an Omega candle is a large trading candle on a Bitcoin chart accompanied by high volatility moves. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is changing hands at $70,006, down by 0.25% over the past 24 hours, per CoinMarketCap.

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