Dan Tapiero Names Top Catalyst to Drive Bitcoin (BTC) Growth By U.Today

U.Today – (BTC) might benefit from China in a rare move from a market with a deep stake in real estate. While trailing behind the United States in capital for market liquidity, China is still an important region that can influence market recovery.

Dan Tapiero sentiment

While QE is an economic measure that works based on the situation, liquidity-strained Chinese real estate developers can now gain access to more operating funds. Though this measure is expected to jumpstart businesses, the release of capital as liquidity might further place a strain on the fiat currency.

The potential fiat devaluation that will follow the flooded economy poses a potential catalyst for Bitcoin and other major hedges against inflation – gold. To Dan Tapiero, “the explosive upmove in Chinese Real Estate stocks” after more than a decade of a long bear market caused a lot of pain.

This new pivot is positive to boost global liquidity, which Bitcoin can also lean on. In his projection, other risk assets and stocks like and the tech heavy-NASDAQ Composite will also benefit overall.

Direct Bitcoin impact

However, Bitcoin is known as one of the most resilient assets in the world. Once the market prices in the impact of Chinese real estate QE, as teased by Tapiero, the real BTC price discovery may then commence.

In the grand scheme of the market’s outlook, Tapiero is optimistic that Bitcoin is fated to soar from $90,000 to $200,000 in the long term.

This article was originally published on U.Today

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