Missing out on Nvidia’s surge? These stocks are rallying even further in May By — Betting on NVIDIA (NASDAQ:) once again proved to be a straight shot in May, as the AI behemoth continued to show unseen profitability growth, fueled by widespread AI interest from companies worldwide.

Not by coincidence, our state-of-the-art AI stock-picking tool has chosen it ahead of earnings as part of its Tech Titans and Beat the S&P 500 strategies, both of which have beaten the market by a wide margin since their official launch in October and this month.

But while Nvidia’s gains have been undeniably significant, did you know that our AI actually picked four other stocks for this month that rallied even more than the AI giant?

Just to name a couple:

Vistra Energy Corp (NYSE:): Up 26% in May.
Perficient Inc (NASDAQ:): Up 56% in May.

Among others

That’s right. For less than $9 a month, our premium users have received AI-generated stock picks that rallied north of 50% this month alone.

Among our AI’s 90 picks for the month, 80%+ are in the green, prompting pushing our strategies to solid numbers against the benchmark indexes.

In fact, our flagship Tech Titans is up 11.6% in May so far, smashing the already solid 5% jump from the S&P 500. This has increased the strategy’s outperformance over the benchmark index since our official launch in October to a hefty 57.71%.

By the way, next week, our predictive AI will rebalance again, providing its users with a fresh set of 50+ top new winners for June. Subscribe here for under $9 a month and get the best picks for the month ahead before anyone else.

Unlike everything out there, our strategies are forward-looking and just a momentum indicator.

That’s how we managed to crush the market by a very wide margin since the official launch in October last year. In fact, these are the gains you would have notched since October by following our AI picks (numbers as of premarket today):

Beat the S&P 500: +30.84%
Dominate the Dow: +16.99%
Tech Titans: +68.36%
Top Value Stocks: +33.20%
Mid-cap Movers: +17.85%

That’s against the following gain from the benchmark indexes during the same period:

: +14.65%
: +7.78%
: +16.99%

This is not a backtest; this is real-world performance, unfolded in real time to our users.

In fact, our backtest suggests that going for the long run will give you even heftier gains. See in the chart below for reference:

Source: ProPicks

This means a $100K principal in our strategy would have turned into an eye-popping $1,879,800K by now.

With our AI’s next month’s portfolio rebalancing just around the corner, will you keep on guessing or have an insight into the winners?

For less than $9 a month, that decision has never been easier.

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